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1. HKFYWO membership offers full access to the welfare and facilities provided by the organization.

2. Musical instruments, music scores, and all kinds of related supplies could be borrowed from HKFYWO for rehearsal and performance upon the consent of the organization's Executive Committee.

3. Participation in all events held by HKFYWO.

4. Enjoys concert tickets for HKFYWO at discounted prices.

5. Members should comply with all decisions and guidance made by the Executive Committee and the Music Director of HKFYWO.

6. Members should demonstrate absolute compliance to all regulations set up by the music director.

7. Members should uphold and defend profit and status of the organization, no activities should be organized in the name of the organization by any members without permission of the board.

8. Members must be punctual in all organized activities, performances and rehearsals.

9. Members should safeguard their belongings, prevent any unnecessary lost and damage. No lost or damage should be held responsible by the organization.

10.  Members should pay membership fee in time.

11. Members should bring membership card issued by the organization whenever participating in any rehearsals. HKD 20 administration fee should be paid for replenishment.

12. Members should not leave the rehearsal venue without permission.

13. Members should keep this manual properly.

14. Members should be self-disciplined and courteous.

15. Members should arrive the practice venue fifteen minutes before the start for preparation.

16. Members should prepare all materials needed for practice, including instrument, scores, and stationaries.

17. Members should use 2B pencils for marking the scores.

18. Members should place a 2B pencil and rubber on their music stands during practice, and jot down the conductor’s requirements on breathing, dynamics, rhythm, and musicianship only when the orchestra stops playing.

19. Members should respect their seniors, and be willing to accept conductor’s teachings and instructions. Members should feel free to raise their hands and ask for clarifications whenever needed.

20. Members should remain silent during practice.

21. Members should practice at home after receiving the scores. Members should consult the conductor whenever needed.

22. Members should use every facility with care, and maintain tidiness of the practice venue. No eating or drinking is allowed in the venue.

23. Members should handle stagnant water in the instrument with special care. Please remove any stagnant water from the instrument into the plastic container lined with paper towels in the venue.

24. Please return the instrument, scores, and chairs to their original places after using.

25. Do not enter the administration office without permission. Please knock the door and ask for permission before entry.

26. Members could only enter the administration office, practice rooms, and classrooms with permission during rehearsals.

27. Members should handle instruments with great care. The orchestra possesses the right to pursue in case of any damages.

28. Members should not misplace any music instruments to avoid any loss or damage. Members should not arbitrarily remove the instrument parts; any problem regarding this must be reported in a timely manner.

29. Members should not lend any music instruments to others without authorization.

30. Members should bring along their music scores with them in every practice. All scores distributed to members belong to the HKFYWO. Members are responsible for keeping their scores with due care to avoid any loss or damage, otherwise:

            1. Missing scores should be pieced out within one week.

            2. The organization retains its right for compensation for damaged scores.

31. If members forget to bring their scores with them for practice, please inform the Administrative Board before the start of the practice to facilitate proper arrangement.

32. Members should keep the original music score complete, no tearing or writing.

33. Members should keep their scores in the file with their names, music instrument, and parts clearly written for identification.

34.  Members should take the attendance by the manager for record.

35. Members must meet the attendance rate of 80% before participating in the performance of the orchestra.

36. If a member is not able to attend the rehearsal, he must take leave from the manager Ms. Tong Shuk Ying, otherwise his absence will be regarded as illegitimated.

37. Members should attend every practice on time, those arriving fifteen minutes after the start of the rehearsal will be considered late.

38. If a member is unable to attend on time or has to leave early, please inform the manager before rehearsing.

39. If there is no reason for absent, late or early leave, punishments will be made in accordance with the rules of membership.

40. In order to ensure the quality of the performance, members must attend all the rehearsals of the month before the concert. If they fail to comply, the organization will consider whether or not to allow the member to participate in the performance.

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